This is William Juan

Web and Mobile Developer

About Me

I am a Frontend Developer working primarily in the web and hybrid mobile space using technologies such as Angular, Nativescript, and Ionic.

I have worked with companies of varying sizes ranging from 5 person startups to international corporations assisting with projects of various sizes and at different development stages, from migrating legacy applications to getting greenfield projects off the ground.

These experiences have led me to advocate for delivering quality software with the best possible user experience. In other words, I thrive on delivering an end product that accomplishes the business goals and also closely resembles what the product and design team envisioned.

With that said, I love sharing what I’ve learned over the years and have been fortunate enough to write for a few different publications, such as Auth0 Blog, inDepth (previously Angular in-depth), Nativescript Blog, and Nativescripting on topics that revolve around bridging the gap between design and code.

Popular Articles


Indepth Guide to Animations in Angular

20 July 2020

Explore the various animation methods in Angular, their use cases, implementation, and some tips on performance, debugging, and reusability.



Get Better Angular UX Using 4 Animation Techniques

19 May 2021

Improve the User Experience (UX) of an e-commerce application by implementing animations utilizing Angular animations, CSS animations, and Web Animation APIs.



Using Angular Animations in Nativescript

17 February 2020

Add animations to your Nativescript application using the power of Angular animation's DSL.


Nativescript Blog

Get creative with app launch animations using Angular 10 with new boot options

22 July 2020

NativeScript for Angular 10 includes new boot options to easily add launch animations to your app.


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