Web and Mobile App Developer

Specialized in Angular, Ionic, and NativeScript

About Me

I am a Frontend Developer working primarily in the web and hybrid mobile space using technologies such as Angular, Nativescript, and Ionic.

I have worked with companies of varying sizes ranging from 5 person startups to international corporations assisting with projects of various sizes and at different development stages, from migrating legacy applications to getting greenfield projects off the ground.

These experiences have led me to advocate for delivering quality software with the best possible user experience. In other words, I thrive on delivering an end product that accomplishes the business goals and also closely resembles what the product and design team envisioned.

With that said, I love sharing what I’ve learned over the years and have been fortunate enough to write for a few different publications, such as Smashing Magazine, Auth0 Blog, Arc, inDepth (previously Angular in-depth), Nativescript Blog, and Nativescripting on topics that revolve around bridging the gap between design and code.

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Angular Animations Explorer

Your one stop guide for everything animations in Angular

Find out how to implement different kinds of animations and more (live demos included)

  • Want to learn about animation performance?
    I got you covered
  • Want to debug your animations but not sure where to start?
    Look no further
  • Wondering if this type of animation will run on a specific device or browser?
    Open the app on that device or browser and find out

If you're interested in learning more about the topic, I also have a course on Animations in Angular on Educative!

Check it out!

Nice things people have said about me

William was a lead frontend engineer on our scrum team building a data and analytics reporting app. He has a keen eye for design and holds himself to a high standard. By the end of his contract, I knew I could trust him to not only lay a solid groundwork for new features and code standards, but also to quickly optimize existing components that were causing problems.

Dan Cole, Product Owner at CUNA Mutual

William is, by far, the best NativeScript developer I've ever worked with. I was amazed by his quality of deliveries, and his respect for deadlines. I witnessed him completing a huge module within one short sprint, and I reviewed the code - It was flawless, all best practices followed, and the final output looked way better than what we were expecting. We were lucky to have him on our team. He was an asset to our project and played a major role in its success. He is creative, a team-player, builds good relations, fearless to stand for what he believes is right, a true professional, a great communicator, and a joy to be around. He has a special quality to adapt to any situation very quickly, and gives his best performance during demanding situations.

Abhishek Bharti, Consultant at Neudesic

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